American Express Gift Cards- How to Register & Activate [Check Balance]

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American Express Gift Card Balance is one of the most beneficial Gift cards of all time in the US; that is why it is the most chosen one. These Gift cards can be used anywhere in the United States and the retail stores in the US can be located easily with the help of the website and on Google maps too.

American Express Gift Card balance

With the help of American Express Gift Card you can get Cashback and discount coupons this makes it a lot more beneficial than Visa or MasterCard Debit Cards. They can be utilized everywhere such as cafes, Movie theatres, shops and even online shopping too. Its attractive colours and benefits make it an amazing gift or present for your loved ones.

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How to get an American Express Gift Card?

There are two different types of American Express Gift Cards fee Waiver, i.e. Personal Gift Cards and Business Gift Cards. The Business Gift Card Variant comes in golden color, and one can encrypt any message in it for their employee. Personal Gift Cards come in two different colors, blue and golden, and you can embrace your message or wishes for your loved ones on it.

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You can easily purchase your American Express Gift Card from any retail shop that accepts PayPal and American Express cards. You can quickly locate the retail shop by following these simple steps.

  • Visit the official site of AE at
  • In their website, you can find the “Store Locator,” click on it.
  • Visit your nearest store and get the AMEX Gift Card balance at any time without any activation delay.

How to Register American Express Gift Card Online?

You can easily check the AMEX Gift card balance by visiting their official website, and you also get to choose the type and colour by following a few simple steps.

  • Go to the from your PC or Mobile.
  • After entering the website, you can choose the different coloured Personal and Business Gift Card, pick the one you prefer.
  • Choose the “Shop Personal Gift Cards” or “Shop Business Gift Cards” options below.
  • You need to pay the standard charge of $25 to $3000, and you get your card instantly.

It is secure and convenient, and it’s ideal if you have to purchase Gift cards for your clients or employees or else to your loved ones and friends. It also includes messages that you can embrace it.

Activate American Express GiftCard Online

To check the balance of the American Express Gift cards, you can visit the retail shops and check your American Express Gift Card Balance there. Another option that you get for checking your Gift card balance is by calling the American

Express support at  1-800-297-7327 or 1-877-297-4438

there you need to follow few simple steps, and you get your balance in an instant, this customer care service is available 24×7.

American express my gift card

American Express Gift Card is an ideal choice whether you want to say “Happy Birthday” or “Congratulations.” Since this Gift card by American Express is widely accepted, it makes for a perfect match to keep your loved one happy and satisfied.

So, what are you waiting for? Make their day by sending them the “ American Express Gift Card” and surprise them. Be it corporate Gift Card or a personal Gift card no matter what you wish to buy American Express got you all covered.

If you are worried about the expiration date or something like that, then there is no need to worry. With the American Express Gift Card, you get no defined expiration date, no hidden charges and no usage fee.

You can also get the remaining amount of your E Gift card through Papal or online by these simple steps.

  • Go to the
  • Go to the website, and you can find a Gift card option where you need to fill your 15 digit card number.
  • Just enter your card number, and you can get the balance of your gift card instantly.

At you can also find the transaction history, coupon and promo code of your American Express gift card after entering the card number.

How to transfer the American Express card Balance to Bank Account?

You have the option of transferring the remaining balance of your Gift card to your bank account by using Square or PayPal that will take some standard charges of two to three percent, which is not that much.

You can use the card reader to get access to your American Express Gift cards and transfer the balance from your Gift card to PayPal.

Westfield American Express Gift card Balance

The Westfield American Express Gift card balance is the best option which can be used anywhere in the United States. You can easily update their balance from $20 to $100 with the processing fee of $3.75.

You can purchase the Westfield Gift card from their official website or from the West field management.

AMEX Gift card offers secure and convenient transaction and also feature 100% trust factor in each of your purchase at any retail store or online.